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Legal Terms and Glossary

The below articles cover the various terms and elements pertaining to the King's law

Forbidden Magics


One is guilty of Necromancy if one uses necromantic magics. Necromantic magic is the use of magic to manipulate the dead in any way. The study of undead is not outlawed so far as the research be used to create defenses against them, however, research must take place within a controlled environment.


One is guilty of using Hemomancy if one uses blood as the primary reagent in any spell. The use of blood in alchemy is not outlawed under the Blood Magic provision.


One is guilty of Chronomancy if one uses magic to manipulate time. The act of using magic to go forwards or backwards through time is outlawed. The use of Divination Magic to look into the past or future is not outlawed.


One is guilty of Nethermancy if one has wielded the raw magics of the twisting Nether at great threat to azeroth. Due to it's extremely dangerous nature, the use of Nether magic is outlawed.


One is guilty of casting Fel if one uses magic to communicate, summon, manipulate, transport, or conspire with a demon. The use of Fel-Magic to sate one's arcane addiction is outlawed.


The use of Void magic is strictly regulated, due to the mental dangers that it poses to its wielder. Any use of Void magic that is outside of a controlled environment or is unsanctioned, is outlawed.

Life Extending Amendment

One would be in violation of the Life Extending Amendment if one is found to be using any of the previously listed magics to extend their life or the life of another past their natural existence.

Magic Authority

This is a list that contains recognised authorities on magic, who are able to sanction uses of magic detailed in this legal document. This list is subject to change as new authorities are added or removed. For application on being added to this list, please contact an official of The Royal Court.

  • The Royal Court
  • Stormwind City Guard
  • Stormwind Constabulary
  • Stormwind Investigations
  • Echo Company
  • Whiskey Company
  • Any Appointed Magic Officers of the Crown (that is, ranking guard officers or administrators, who have been authorised by the Kingdom of Stormwind to manage the affairs of a magical nature)

Sanctioned Use

A person or organisation is treated as bearing the right to conduct or use a subject of forbidden magic (they are “sanctioned” to do so), providing the following requirements are met, and that hhe person or organisation has on their person a copy of, or knows the location of and can provide within a reasonable period of time (to the discretion of the authority), a sanction document which;

  • outlines the specific restrictions in place, which the person or organisation must abide by when conducting or using the subject (unrestricted and general usage clauses void the sanction); and
  • states the name or organisation in which the sanction is applicable to; and
  • bears the name of the recognised authority that authorises the sanctioned use of the subject; and
  • bears a recognisable signature of the authorities appointed sanction officer, whom is responsible for permitting the sanctioned use of the subject, and;
  • in the case of an individual, the person named in the sanction document is not the appointed sanction officer; and
  • in the case of an organisation, the appointed sanction officer is not a member of, and is not directly affiliated with the organisation named in the sanction document.

Controlled Articles


  • Most narcotics, including Felweed;
  • Undocumented explosives, including gunpowder, black powder and seaforium;
  • Undocumented magical items, including ritual items for dark magic;
  • Human (or other sentient races) body parts and corpses;
  • Treasonous materials.


  • Undocumented poisons, toxins, and biological agents;
  • Undocumented weapons;
  • Artefacts of unknown origin;
  • Saronite ore and ingots;
  • Stolen property, and;
  • Rogue census stampers.

Approximate Value

Approximate value is a measurement used to determine a value weighting of materials, and is normally used for transmutation.

The Approximate Value of Materials document is maintained by the magical authorities noted in this glossary. It is available for viewing in the Royal Library within the Stormwind City Keep.

Controlled Environment

A controlled environment is defined as an enclosed, lockable space that has been specifically prepared to reasonably guarantee the safe containment of any aftermath, following a blunder or unexpected result pertaining to the use of magic.

Mental Invasion

A mind is considered to have been breached or invaded, if magic is used to gain access or control over a person's thoughts, memories or feelings; or to seize control over a person's body.

Public Place

A public place is defined as an area which members of the general population are able to access in a reasonable and lawful manner. This includes private property which is generally considered open to the public; such as taverns and inns.


The Crown is defined as the serving monarch of Stormwind.


The Sovereignty is defined as the territories which lay under rule of the Crown.

Armed Forces of the Sovereignty

Armed Forces of the Sovereignty are defined as the organisations and groups that are sanctioned under the Sovereignty, to act as;

  • military services (i.e. the Stormwind Army),
  • homeland defence (i.e. Stormwind City’s garrison),
  • security and intelligence services (i.e. SI:7),
  • guard services (i.e. the Stormwind City Guard)