Officers of the Court

From The Royal Court

The Court maintains a strict structure to ensure each new member of the Court is aware of what their progression (in terms of what purpose they can fulfil in the Court) in the Court may look like, and, as such, maintains a number of Elected posts that form the senior members of the Court, or the ‘Officers’ of the Court:

Officers of the Court

The High Chancellor of the Royal Court

  • Head of the Royal Court, Chief Officer of the Court
  • Head of the Executive Office of the Chancellor
  • De-facto Chair of the Royal Council.

The Secretaries of the Royal Court

  • Deputy Heads of the Royal Court
  • Principal Officers of the Court
  • Advisors to the High Chancellor

The First Knight of the Royal Court

  • Principal Knight of the Royal Court
  • Principal Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Crown
  • Enforcement Officer for the Royal Court
  • Chief Security Officer for delegations and foreign visits

An Officer of the Court differs from an Officer of the Council, as a Court Officer is an individual responsible for driving forward the day-to-day business of the Court as a whole, introducing and pushing through policy and legislation for the Court’s consideration. A Council Officer, however, is an administrative position specific to the Royal Council, responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective running of the Royal Council during sessions, and outside sessions.