HM Office of Justice

From The Royal Court
HM Office of Justice
Government Department
SecretaryLady-Justicar Nasias Darkstar
FoundedCirca 620 KC
Parent BodyThe Royal Court
JurisdictionKingdom of Stormwind

The HM Office of Justice is an administrative ministerial department within The Royal Court, headed by the Secretary of Justice and supported by the Deputy Secretary of Justice. It is responsible for all judicial affairs within the Kingdom of Stormwind.

As a whole, the HM Office of Justice and its sub-organisations define the Kingdom of Stormwind's criminal due process and sentencing guidelines, as well as providing administrative oversight of the courts and tribunals services. HM Office of Justice also maintains the King's Law - Guard's Handbook; a compendium for Law Enforcement Agencies that contains a set of common offences, guidance on enforcement, charging support, and sentencing guidelines. HM Office of Justice also provides a means for members of the public to submit any concerns regarding LEA conduct via the Independent Office for LEA Conduct.