Court Structure

From The Royal Court

His Majesty’s Royal Court is one of the principal governing bodies of the Kingdom of Stormwind and its Realms and Territories, tasked with overseeing and dispensing the Acts and Laws of the Realm, and maintaining principal responsibility for the general running of the Kingdom on a day-to-day basis.

The Court is formed of both an Executive and a Legislative branch, retaining a particular responsibility for introducing, scrutinising, and voting in new legislation for the benefit of the Kingdom, with the Executive ensuring effective implementation and scrutiny of the legislation introduced.

All members of the Court are a part of the legislative branch, with the powers to introduce potential policy areas, acts, projects and other areas of legislation that can be considered by the Court. Members of the Court, particularly newer members, are encouraged to both introduce new projects, and involve themselves in ongoing projects, that are either within their area of expertise and interest, or outside that.

All members of the Court are considered representatives of the Crown and the Kingdom, and so are expected to act in a way that is consistent of the high position they hold - the Court engages and maintains relations with many organisations throughout the Kingdom and beyond, and so members are expected to have a strong mind for public relations, and be willing to reach out to groups throughout the Kingdom for whatever reason, in whatever capacity.

Though the Court strives for the success of the Kingdom of Stormwind, through its close ties with the factions of the Alliance does the Court strive to strengthen and further the cause of the Grand Alliance in its entirety - the City of Stormwind is more diverse than ever, and the Court has adapted and changed to ensure the fair and accurate representation of all races of the Alliance, be they Draenei or Worgen, Gnome or Void Elf.

The Court is structured into the following areas:

  • The Executive Office of the High Chancellor
  • The Executive Office of the Secretariat
  • The Royal Council
  • The Royal Court Committees