The King's Law

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Welcome to The King's Law

These archives contain the laws, acts and various pieces of documentation created and maintained by the Office of Justice, by appointment of The Royal Court.

Want to Contribute?

The King's Law was built through community engagement. Through the years, it's become recognised as server-canon; the law book of Argent Dawn. It remains a community driven effort, carefully curated to ensure the law remains in the community's best interest, and we want to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback to make our community resources even better!

Handbooks Legislation Appointments
This section holds reference guides to The King's Law. These documents should not be treated as judiciary versions of the law. This section gathers the acts of legislation. These documents may to be treated as judiciary versions of the law and may be cited as part of its enforcement. This section gathers legal appointments established, maintained and regulated by the Office of Justice.

Guard's Handbook

Charging Guidelines

Sentencing Guidelines

Legal Terms and Glossary


Executor of the King's Justice

HM Marshal Service